These are only SOME of our Past and Present Furry Family Members

These photos are of some of the dogs we’ve helped. I posted their photos when they were in their best of health, as most didn’t look like this when we received them. Many of these dogs went through hell before coming to us; abandoned in a recently vacated apartment without food or water, tied to a fence, or seized from an abusive owner. They were grossly underweight, missing half their fur, sick, or injured and we chose not to take photos until they were healthy.  We are grateful to be blessed with the ability to help them get better so they could enjoy the remainder of their lives. Our lives are better for the opportunity to know, love, and care for them.

One dog we rescued turned out to be pregnant. One puppy died inside her womb. The puppy that was born lived only 4 days. Both of these beautiful souls deserve to be mentioned on this page.